Companion Yoga and Thai Massage

Yoga and Thai massage each fall beneath a class typically referred to as “bodywork,” however the relationship between them is extra complicated than it could initially seem. Thai massage has been referred to as “lazy man’s Yoga,” because the therapist helps the consumer right into a sequence much like Yoga stretches throughout a session. The session takes place on a mat or on the ground, with the consumer carrying comfy clothes for motion.

The connection between the 2 strategies begins with a typical root. Thai massage originated about 2,500 years in the past, when an Indian doctor, visiting Thailand, introduced what’s now generally known as Thai massage with him. Based on some sources, the physician was referred to as Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha.

Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha was a detailed pal and doctor of the Buddha, and was additionally recognized in some circles as a “father of medication.” He spent his life creating the therapeutic powers of herbs and minerals, and had formal coaching in Ayurvedic drugs 스웨디시.

The similarities between this fashion of massage and Companion Yoga are apparent. Nevertheless, in Thai massage there are a selection of variations, which make it distinctive. Beneath are three main variations between the Thai massage methodology and companion Yoga.

1. The consumer is completely passive, and the masseuse manipulates her or him.
2. There’s pressure level stimulation, kneading of muscle tissues, and different muscle manipulations.
three. Power strains and pressure factors are an important characteristic.

Companion Yoga, however, is participatory for each practitioners and doesn’t contain massaging of muscle tissues. Though a more moderen phenomenon, Companion Yoga relies in Tantric ideas. Removed from being about intercourse, the phrase “Tantra” means “to weave” and focuses on the interconnectedness of people, whether or not they’re household, pals, or romantic companions.

Companion Yoga makes use of Hatha Yoga asanas, modified for 2 individuals. For instance, a back-to-back sitting meditation could also be carried out. Letting go of the pre-conceived notions, concerning the nature of your relationship, might help deepen self consciousness. Many people resist the thought of harnessing ourselves to another person in our observe.

We really feel that it’s simply simpler to do it alone and never take care of the abilities or wants of a companion. Based on Elysabeth Williamson, the developer of Precept-based Companion Yoga, this considering comes from the separate self/ego, “the a part of us that suffers the pain of loneliness whereas clinging to the phantasm of independence.” By forcing us to just accept our interdependence, we will in the end perceive that it’s lovely and highly effective, not a legal responsibility.

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